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Natural, No Nasties, Wholesome, Premium Dog Treats for your beloved furry family members

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The BuddyBix biscuit range are home baked with love on the Isle of Wight in a humble kitchen in the quaint village of Shorwell. All of the BuddyBix biscuit range are our own unique nutritionally thought out recipes & 100% home made. We have also created our own bake at home range like the NEW Buddy's Banana Bread Mix & these too are lovingly created & put together in Buddy's kitchen. We do also source & supply other fantastic & natural vegan treats by working closely with a trusted local wholesaler. Only the best for our canine friends & their digestions!.

BuddyBix believe ALL dogs deserve a treat whether your pooch is on a natural diet, they have allergies or a sensitive tummy. Maybe they’re following a vegan diet like their pawrents or above all else you just like to be sure the treats you give your furry family members are wholesome!

BuddyBix contain no nasties & are made with human grade quality, health beneficial ingredients. Why not give them a guilt free try! Suitable for raw fed diets too!

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In the BuddyBix home bakery we use only wholesome human grade ingredients and tasty natural flavours in your pooches treats.  

Wherever possible we use organic. Whether that's vegetables, fruits, oils, seeds or flours. We never add sugar or salt. We do not use sweetener's such as xylitol or palm oil.

All the recipes are thought out with great care & attention to your dogs health, tastebuds & tummies. They ALL contain good sources of fibre & protein & are easy to digest & are a lovely home baked or sourced with love healthy natural treat option.

You wont find random fillers or anything you cant pronounce or understand listed in the ingredients either. We never use flours like self raising & plain, these are  inexpensive yes but they are of no nutritional value to any dog. In some cases eating these types of treats can lead to all sorts of health issues!

Instead we opt for health optimising ingredients & the healthy plant based flours I bake with range from Buckwheat to Organic Coconut flour & more! What's more I am very transparent with what goes inside the goodies. I list ALL the ingredients so that you can check & you can be sure that what you are purchasing is fit for your dog & that you are getting a premium product.

All of our BuddyBix range is WHEAT FREE & some are GRAIN FREE as specified. Wheat is often a common allergy & by keeping them all WHEAT FREE it makes it easier to accommodate more dogs needs without impacting the quality or flavour.

ALL BuddyBix treat range are 100% Vegan & contain zero animal by products. This makes them much kinder on the digestion & suitable for all. Many dogs are allergic to lactose, dairy, eggs & chicken & BuddyBix is a treat that dogs with these allergies can enjoy without the worry. Equally meat eating dogs can enjoy them just as much & they can compliment a natural/raw diet nicely.

Of course if your dog has any health issues & you are unsure always check with your Vet practice first. I am also more than happy to advise suitability & give you guidance where I can. By all means message me via the Facebook page or email me & I will always endeavour to help!.

Finally we add NO shelf life enhancing preservatives to our recipes, rather they are baked low and slow and dehydrated to keep them fresh and yummy!

All bags of treats are dated for your convenience & most biscuits have an average life span of 6 to 8 weeks minimum from the bake date. They must be stored in a cool & dry place to preserve their freshness. I recommend either keeping them in their resealable bags or popping them into a air tight tin or container. They can even be refrigerated or frozen to extend their life. We recommend to enjoy them at their optimum best that once they are opened, consume within 3 weeks, if they hang around that long!


Dog giving a high five

There are many good reasons to give our dogs treats other than the obvious that we just adore them! They can be a reward to reinforce a good behaviour too or a reassuring positive association with something not so fun like a bath or a trip to the Vets..

Keeping a pack of BuddyBix treats by the door when toilet training and breaking pieces off after they've been is a good influencer!

After a long walk a BuddyBix or two goes down well. They make an excellent in between meals hit of energy!

Maybe your four legged friend is learning recall. A couple in your pocket are worth coming back for and they can easily be snapped into smaller pieces or maybe try a mini or star reward option or one of our Natural Fruit Salad bites. 

Treats can be boredom busters too, hide some in the garden & play "Go Find!"

Maybe you've decided to stay in and avoid the heat or dodge the rain and do enrichment activities like a snuffle mat. Sniffing is like cat nip for dogs, its stimulating &  is essential for their well being.  

You could incorporate them into your trick training for a bit of fun! Buddy was taught exclusively with BuddyBix treats as rewards to sit, paw, show us your belly and meerkat! Check out his video on our Facebook page!

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