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I'm Helen & I've always been a keen home baker. I learned to bake an array of goodies from small with my mum & I've been lucky enough to have two amazing girls with my hubby, Anthony, Emily & Rosie whom have loved  baking with their Mum too! So it felt very natural to have a go at baking for our little sausage dog, Buddy. He is after all just like your dog, one of the family! 

The first BuddyBix biscuit was well received by Buddy and his furry friends but I wanted to be sure I was baking not just with love but with care in mind too. After all ALL dogs deserve a treat right?! I started to study canine nutrition and was shocked by what went into some of the mass produced treats. Ingredient lists are often lengthy, misleading and frankly confusing. So many are loaded with added sugar, fat and salt (and stuff you just might not want to know about) not good for our pawsome pals! I wanted to have a go at making treats that were more wholesome but still just as tasty! I started adapting my knowledge of canine nutrition to my baking background & BuddyBix was created in my kitchen in Shorwell  on the Isle of Wight.  

I am fully registered with the council and trading standards approved. I have completed a safer food handler course and gained a distinction in a canine nutrition diploma. I comply to the EC Feed hygiene regulation (183/2005) & I hold public & product liability insurance.

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